Funny story on how I met Rae and Jonathan; we actually met thanks to a mutual friend! One of my friends from high school got them in touch for me when they were looking for some cosplay photos together as a couple. We did our session in Jenkintown with them dressed as Kiki and Tombo from Kiki's Delivery Service. It was super cute, but that's for another blog post.

When we were doing their session in Jenkintown, we started talking about weddings and I found out that we're getting married a week apart; small world! I loved how much we jived during our session that I had to ask if they already had their wedding photographer and at the time they did not. I knew we met for a reason, so after some chatting...who has two thumbs and is their wedding photographer? This lady!

Since I include a complimentary engagement session with all my weddings, we met up at the beginning of November to take Rae and Jonathan's engagement photos. After Google Maps failed to direct me to the proper clearing to get to the photo session location, I finally made it to Lovers Leap on the Yellow Trail in Wissahickon and we started on our engagement photo adventure!

They had asked prior to the session if it was ok they bring their puppy, Monkey. I am never one to turn down a puppy for photos; Monkey is precious and was such a good model! We even had an ode to Lion King moment during the session!

I love the geek theme they had going during their session! They wore matching Star Wars shirts, as well as N7 hoodies from the Mass Effect video game series. I am a fellow geek, so this made my day.

We then ventured further down the trail to the creek and took some photos in that area. We got photos and hiking, the best kind of way to spend a Saturday 馃槑.

After some photos down by the creek, we ended up venturing back up to the trail and took some photos on the bridge before hiking back up. I love that their silly sides came out for these photos; including Jonathan blowing raspberries on Monkey 馃槀. I had a blast with these two and I am so hyped for their wedding in October. Congrats Rae & Jonathan!

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