About Amanda

Hey there! My name is Amanda; photographer since 2011. 

I’m quirky, nerdy, and bubbly. Aside from taking photos at a wedding, you can see me fluffing dresses, helping pin on boutonnieres, and fueling up my clients before their big day with Starbucks (or the coffee/tea location of their choice).

I do what I do because despite getting some fun and memorable photos, we have fun and I create a laid back, comfortable experience on your big day. I like to make people happy and help people create memories and live in the moment.

In my down time, I like to talk about everything and anything related to Disney, go on adventures with my husband, cosplay and go to anime conventions, and play games such as Cards Against Humanity, Dungeons and Dragons, and video games.

Nerdy Facts: ENFP & Hufflepuff

About Jonathan

Sometimes, you may see I have an assistant with me while photographing your wedding; that’s Jonathan (my husband). 

He is known to make people laugh, get relaxed, and get into good spirits. He’s more than happy to help with tying ties, putting on boutonnieres, and more. He can also help with wrangling guests for photos and help carry bags, gear, etc during your big day. 

You may also see him from time to time with a camera getting an alternative perspective of the day. 

In his downtime, he likes to read (Stephen King especially), geek out over movies (his favorite is Jaws), and build the next coolest project in Minecraft. 

Nerdy Facts: ENFJ, Gryffindor