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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? I have answers! Here are some questions I’m asked about photoshoots on a frequent basis. If a question you have isn’t answered here, ask me!

How much are photoshoots?
Photoshoots range from $15 for 15 minutes – to $50 for an hour. Pricing will vary based on the length of time for the session and the convention location.

What forms of payment do you take for photoshoots? 
I accept electronic payment (debit, credit, e-check) via Paypal or Square. Unfortunately, I cannot accept cash at the time of the shoot as payment.

Why can’t I pay you at the time of the shoot? 
I used to allow payment at the time of shooting, but there would end up being last minute cancellations. Therefore, payment is due at the time of booking. I apologize for the inconvience.

Will you help pose me?
Yes :)! I always ask what you are cosplaying beforehand, so I can research the character and have poses ready to pull out if you don’t have your own.

How long will it be until I get my photos after our shoot?
Finished photos are usually delivered via an online gallery within one to two weeks after a convention. Sometimes they are delivered sooner!

How many photos will I get from my shoot?
The amount of photos will vary, but you will receive a majority of the photos from the session (minus blinking shots, etc).

Do you edit my photos? 
I do basic editing on photos (ex: pop the color, sharpen, etc). Extensive editing is available at an additional cost.

How many people can participate in a shoot? 
Pricing for photoshoots includes up to five people. Any additional person over the five will be $5 a person.

Can I print my photos/sell my prints?
Absolutely! All I ask is that you credit me as the photographer.


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